gitaruman is a music producer from Ohio that is rapidly expanding his appeal to the far corners of the globe. Growing up on the classic melodies of bands like The Beatles and The Beach Boys, he developed a love for the harmony and melodic sensibility of their music. Now he combines that with the influence of EDM artists like Skrillex, Porter Robinson, and Adventure Club to create a unique blend of melodic electronic music. gitaruman takes pride in listening to all different types of music to gain perspective and inpsiration for his own works.

With a passion for creating and listening to music, gitaruman began studying his art form at the age of 5. He learned piano and guitar, then progressed to advanced studies in music theory. In December 2012, with more than 25 years of music under his belt, jd-u-b took his training, creativity and passion for music and began his career as a producer. On October 29, 2013, the hard-working gitaruman took a great step forward to making his dream a reality, and released his very first EP entitled, Hope and Despair. gitaruman is known for his original sound, and unique remixes. He ambitiously puts his tunes out there for his fans "I love it when a song gives me chills," gitaruman admits, and consequently, his approach to making music is crafting sounds that are in kind.

gitaruman is currently networking and finding new opportunities to collaborate and learn from other artists while working on a new EP. He is continuing to refine his sound as learns new techniques of production.

This fall, his new EP will be a landmark in his musical journey. Drawing on the difficult life experiences he's encountered since his first EP, it promises to be an emotional collection of new songs. To hear jd-u-b's most recent works, check out his soundcloud page at @gitaruman