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Let your love rain down on me!


While counting down the months to Tomorrowland 2016 in Boom, my wish list is getting bigger and bigger, the goosebumps I have with each release of unearthly track just makes me want for time to fly by faster and faster...with the speed of light! Let's count down the days together!!

Enjoy and vibrate!

29 tracks
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@giurgiu.l I guess that's the power of music. Have fun at Tomorrowland! That's on my to-do list but unfortunately not this year. Anyway thanks again

@piyush286 thank you!!! I am literally counting the days till we go to Tomorrowland!!! You have to try it!!! I doubt there is a better festival in the world :-)

This is dope! I like your taste in EDM. Btw I have a question. I wanted to know under what genre would most of the songs in this playlist would fall under? Vocal trance? I'm trying to figure out what kind of EDM do I like? I love Armin n Above n Beyond. I believe they would be falling under the same genre as this playlist. Thanks :)

@piyush286 I am not an expert either but yes I would classiffy it under vocal trance but to be safe i would call it electronic vocal dance music :) and I am delighted you like the same kind of music and at the same time live so far away across the planet from where I am :)