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"i just...feel like I need to save everyone. to redeem myself."

a list of tracks for the idiotic shuck who made stupid decisions but saved so many lives.

8 tracks
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@glade @god i've just read it (just the maze runner Trilogy) like a week ago and i can't..... I mean i can't... I can't stop thinking about it. I'm trying to read the hobbit and everything reminds me to TMR. I kind of hate it by now.

@ElveticaBlack i know exactly what you mean!!! so much stuff reminds me of the maze runner trilogy which is why i make these dumb playlists regardless of whether they get likes or not because they remind me of the books and i love the trilogy so much??? i tried to read the hobbit once but i couldn't finish it

@glade Well i'm trying to read it before the movie comes out here in my country, which is tomorrow so :s And i just have one playlist and it's so stupid xd, i think i made it to myself hahaha. I've been trying to create a playlist to, when someone sits down and read TMR, will have the option of this playlist. But it takes time, you know, trying to find songs that goes perfectly with each chapter and... Oh and btw HAPPY NEW YEAAAAAAR!!!!!!!!!!. I wish the best for you, even though i don't know you at all just that you like TMR and that's enough for me haha, for this year.