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the tune of miracles // trucy wright

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we never really see much of trucy's personal life (we actually don't really see much of her at all in Dual Destinies) but i've always imagined that she's one of those kids that really sticks out and "marches to the beat of her own drum" so to speak. this mix is about that, along with a few tracks mixed in about Trucy's relationship with Phoenix. // 10 tracks in no particular order.

  • Paradise by Coldplay
    when she was just a girl she expected the world / but it flew away from her reach / so she ran away in her sleep and dreamed of / para-para-paradise para-para-paradise para-para-paradise / every time she closed her eyes
  • Child Of Magic (vocal Version) by Cold Paws
    {Child Of Magic (Vocals) by Adriana Figueroa} --- Trucy's theme set to original lyrics.
  • Teenagers by My Chemical Romance
    {Teenagers by My Chemical Romance} --- they're gonna clean up your looks / with all the lies in the books / to make a citizen out of you // the boys and girls in the clique / the awful names that they stick / you're never gonna fit in much, kid
  • John Mayer "No Such Thing" Cover by ChampionshipStudios
    {No Such Thing (Cover) - Originally by John Mayer} --- they love to tell you / "stay inside the lines" / but something's better / on the other side
  • Dryad Of The Woods by Pain Of Salvation
    {Every Little Thing She Does Is Magic by The Police} --- every little thing she does is magic / even though my life before was tragic / now i know my love for her goes on
  • Adele Tribute 19/21 by Make You Feel My Love
    {Make You Feel My Love (Cover) originally by Adele} --- when the rain is blowing in your face / and the whole world is on your case / i could offer you a warm embrace / to make you feel my love
  • Young Volcanoes by Fall Out Boy
    {Young Volcanoes by Fall Out Boy} --- before it has begun / we've already won / we are wild / we are like young volcanoes
  • Magic by Pilot
    {Magic by Pilot} --- it's magic you know / never believe it's not so
  • Killer Queen by Queen
    {Killer Queen by Queen} --- guaranteed to blow your mind / anytime
9 tracks
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