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@glitchkid it's honestly something that I think a lot of people overlook in the ark of bojack's character?? the whole story with herb basically getting BJ his dream job and then BJ stabbing him in the back?? I think a lot of bojack's guilt and self consciousness comes from what happened with herb?? when herb got in trouble for the whole gay thing, bojack is sitting at the tv watching the story, there's no beer cans around him or anything but then, after zooming in on the tv and then back on bojack theres alcohol alllll around him. and so even though he had these underlying problems because of his abusive parents, herb is part of the reason he became an alcoholic in my perspective ,,, ah anyways thanks for this playlist, its rlly good

@spacesammy yes yes yes!!!!!!!! herb is kind of like the catalyst for everything in the show! but not a lot of fans seem interested in his character which always disappoints me!!! my boyfriend and i talk about them a lot and we have this one essed up AU where bojack did vouch for herb and then they bost lost everything and u get drunken bojack asshole with herb and its just a mess bc i like constructing horrible narratives. thank you so much for liking my playlist!!! i have another one for bojack i made ages ago somewhere haha i used to make mixes a lot more often but i havent been free too much lately!