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puppy love is hard to ignore


in the spirit of valentine's day, a queer mabel pines slash mabel/pacifica mix because i couldn't decide which i wanted to do more yaaay

side a lasts from tracks 1-10, and is generally mabel being like "girls are so cute what the fuck help", and side b lasts from tracks 11-20 and they're all mabifica songs with a completely intentional order. enjoy! ♡

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20 tracks
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been listening to a KT Tunstall CD with that song on it since...whoo like i was a little little kid...almost made me cry this playlist is just the sweetest....

I've been listening to this while making a digital drawing of my girlfriend. This is so bittersweet, since she's at camp and won't be back for another couple days. This is making me feel better, tho, so thank you. (I wrote this on Side A, so idk what side B will be like :) But Ours is definitely relating to us, since my father is homophobic and my girlfriend is a punk. )

@shannunonon oh my gosh, i'm glad it's making you feel better! i hope side b didn't make you too sad oh gosh. i wish you the best of luck!!! <3

I was kinda spazzing out trying to write Mabifica fanfition to my typical music of Celtic Folk songs. I never thought of using ship mixes, but i'm really glad I did. this is super cute and has a lot of thought in it!.

Hahah ohman I just read your summary of side a and b. My fanfic is half about Mabel discovering her queerness and the 2nd half is about her tryin' to get with Pacifica.

@Optimistic-Alchemist aw, thanks! i'm super glad you like the mix :D & i am very glad it helped along the writing process omg, do you post your fanfiction anywhere? i'd love to read it! c:

This playlist is sooo good. Is there any way I could get a tracklist of the songs in the order you put them in? (8tracks keeps shuffling it).

@jtkunder sure thing! 1. marsh king's daughter - eisley / 2. need ur luv - charli xcx / 3. girls chase boys - ingrid michaelson / 4. suddenly i see - kt tunstall / 5. shut up and dance - walk the moon / 6. how you get the girl - taylor swift / 7. i'm not going to teach your boyfriend how to dance with you - kate nash / 8. can't stand it - nevershoutnever / 9. i do adore - mindy gledhill / 10. ours - taylor swift / 11. dear one - mary lambert / 12. deeper conversation - yuna / 13. sweet girl - nicole dollanganger / 14. jenny - lily sevin / 15. can't help falling in love - ingrid michaelson / 16. girlfriend - grace angela / 17. lovefool - the cardigans / 18. i want you to want me - letters to cleo / 19. fell in love with a girl - the white stripes / 20. my best friend's hot - the dollyrots. and thanks, i'm glad you like the mix so much! <3