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үσυ sσℓ∂ үσυя sσυℓ тσ тнε ∂εvιℓ


"Bad move, kid! You belong to me now."

Original artwork by xShieru on dA, found here:

A dark billdip mix in which a human!Bill manipulates Older!Dipper into selling his soul to him in exchange for protection of the Pines family... and Bill finds himself dealing with some strange new emotions about his favorite human.

BONUS TRACKS - Dipper made the deal to protect Mabel from harm after a particularly close call. Though he won't admit it, he's finding the demon he hated to be more endearing than he expected...

DISCLAIMER - This ship is incredibly abusive and I make no excuses for that. It's also (arguably) pedophiliac since Bill is centuries older than Dipper (who's 25 in this AU).

10 tracks