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steady and content: a life that i didn't have to wait 30 years for


happy mixes are just as hard to make as happy poetry, it seems, but considering the fact that my 8tracks documents much of my growth as a person, it'd be silly to let a newfound joy slip through the cracks!

the fact of the matter is that these past few months have seen me depression free, ambitious, recognized for my merits, gaining supportive friends, understanding myself, artistic, engaged in my world, and just generally happier and more whole than i've ever been

things aren't perfect, obviously, but that imperfection doesn't eat away at me like it used to. my restlessness is leading me to doing things instead of just losing my mind.

this is a self i am proud of, and a place i am happy to be at

(cover art is by leonid afremov)

9 tracks