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you've ripped your stitches (trashy dubstep remix)


i joked about making a dubstep playlist, right?
i'm so sorry.
it just so happens that i'm very bored right now.
so i guess i'm just going to replace the legit songs with some untzing. i mean they're still as lyrically as appropriate as i could get, there's just a lot more untzing or w/e...

would you like a tracklist? are you curious about what song chapter 12 gets but don't want to sit through 11 other songs? should you listen to the final track because it's the most relevant and also the most good? (yes!) well, take a look at my hideous blog!

"the world is relentless
the city won't sleep
a tarnished soul
brings you to your knees

but we can face it all"

16 tracks
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