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boy from the hurricane's eye

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@Andrew Cantelmi My character, Thisborn, is a halfling rogue. Growing up, Thisborn lived under the shadow of her late grandfather, Panster Alberry, who was considered the biggest failure in his village after attempting to fight off an attacking dragon while drunk and wielding a toothpick, which ended just as well as you can imagine. Not wanting to go her entire life shamed by the actions of someone who died before she was born, Thisborn ran away from home just before she came of age, disowning her family to make a name for herself. She ended up joining a band of Robin Hood-like thieves known as the Flock, where donned the title of the Magpie. Roughly a year before our campaign started, the Flock partook a mission that lead to everyone being captured and executed except for Thisborn and a gnome called the Gull, the latter of which was killed as the two of them tried to escape. Thisborn was saved by a family that the Flock had aided, and once she had healed, she set off to continue doing missions similar to the ones she had done in the Flock, while also trying to find out if the rumours that another member of the gang known as the Hawk had survived were true. It was on one of these missions that she met the rest of the party; surprisingly, despite the only one with a major criminal record, she was not in the jail cell the rest of the group had met in.

@Andrew Cantelmi I believe he is either a wild magic or a storm sorcerer, though I can't remember off the top of my head. I generally avoid magic users when I play just because I have a hard time remember what spells they can and can't use--my character is the team's token rogue for that reason (which my playlist "the magpie" is about).

Hey, I'm a huge fan of your mixes and was wondering if you could provide me with some insight on this character. Can you tell me more about his backstory and sorcerous origin?

@Andrew Cantelmi Hi. Thank you so much. In regards to Samus, I can only give so much insight to his backstory as both his player and the DM have chose to hide most of it from the rest of the party. What I do know is that Samus was raised in a cult of magic users lead by a woman named Juliana, who he later found out was his biological aunt. He never fully understood the purpose of the cult other than he and the rest of the children within it were being shaped for some sort of ritual to summon a demon for which his mother's corpse was meant to host. When Samus was sixteen... something happened (his player has yet to clarify exactly what) that lead to him finally escaping the cult but inadvertently killing a third of its members, mostly the other children. He spent the next six years using his powers to perform tricks and busk for money, usually spending it to get incredibly drunk, until two druid siblings, Crairic and Caifiel, found him half-dead in a ditch and healed him. As repayment, Caifiel asked Samus to act as her brother's guide and protector for his own personal quest, as she had to return to their clan to take their mother's place as chief. Samus and Crairic went on their way, which eventually lead to a huge misunderstanding that landed them in a jail cell with all but one member of our current party... and you can guess the rest from their.