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a wandering ⌛ nostalgic ghost


i got lost and tied time ago.

now im just a watcher.
i watch over the precious people that once could watch over me, too.

{daily lives, joyful voices, energy flowing from everywhere }

even though a lot of them go fast, i trace my way, following after them, even though i know i cant reach the very end of the path,


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This playlist is what made me like instumental songs. I didn't like this kind of music, but this playlist is so calm and beautiful I listen to it at least once a week. Thanks for this (=^-ω-^=)

@EvanSD aw, these kind of comments really make me smile. im glad you started liking it and liked my playlist! it makes me happy to know you like it so much! thanks to you, too! c: i hope it makes you feel good!