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as a weapon, i'll shed no tears


you know what really hecks me up about this dang webcomic? the actual, canon morae | naga parallels. i dont even need to make shit up. its all right there

it hurts me

shout out to jordan whos been trying to force me to leak the tracklist all week

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do you ever think about morae and naga? do you ever think about their respective positions, how they're played as foils but also how their storylines parallel each other incredibly well? can you believe that morae and naga both start(ed) out as incredibly kind people who were incredibly afraid of hurting people? they are both shown to be incredibly compassionate and reluctant to do any damage to people. however, morae had that virtuosity turned against him, and it corrupted him, while naga's foray into the darkness has only been slightly explored. this is though, where some of their foil-like qualities come in. do you ever think about morae, how his whole life he was the literal embodiment of purity, of virtue, of /good/, how he grew up in the loving care of the government, nurtured from birth to become one of the best. this man, morae baek, who is supposed to be, by definition, pure and helpful, had these very virtues turned against him until it warped him into the morae we see today. morae, by being the very virtue in the world, lost his own. he was too good, too pure.
however, on the other side we have naga, naga who from birth was given powers that realistically, were meant to destroy. the world to naga is like tofu, that is canon, and naga has to tread carefully /every single step/ to make sure he doesnt cause the destruction of something. by being given these dangerous, devastating abilities he had to live him entire life carefully, nurturing the world around him so that it wouldn't break under his grip. he tries so hard, not to hurt people, and it's even harder for him to do so since he has an even greater chance of it. the few times we have seen him go into "the darkness", as it shall be dubbed, it was because of him losing control, losing his rein on his emotions, losing his grip on his powers.
morae and naga's personalities both dictated that they would try their best to help people, try their best to keep the world safe (morae by doing the experiments, naga by being extra careful with his powers) however, even though it is infinitely easier for morae to remain "good", in the end, it's him who is corrupted, while naga, for whom it would be so much easier to just be rough, to abuse his powers and only care for himself, is the one always shown in light, always shown as good. morae is the symbol of purity, yet he was corrupted, while naga is a weapon, who constantly fights against his nature.
dont you wonder though, how easy it would be for naga to simply break and stop it? it's so easy for naga to go over the other side, and morae is constantly pushing him to. can you imagine what it owuld be like, for morae to have this kind of effect on naga, for him to also corrupt naga after all that's happened to him? or in reverse, how about naga reminding morae of who he used to be, naga's constant fight against harm giving morae somebody to look at and go "hey, i could have been like that, maybe?" or how about seeing naga being so /good/ throwing morae off even more, seeing how naga can so well handle it while morae had to deal with all of this bullshit, it turning morae on revenge and spite and pushing him further into the darkness.
can you honestly believe the dynamic between them we have here? can you believe that they are foils for each other and can ultimately cause each other's destruction?
more things to think about as well: the fact that if naga ever found out about morae's past, he would probably really pity him. p i t y. the fact that if morae does convince naga to join knife, naga could finally take his first life. maybe he doesn't realize it at first. maybe morae is egging him on and he's getting frustrated and before he knows it. bam. how do you think he'll react? how do you think morae will react? ever consider naga refusing to use his powers? ever consider morae /finally/ getting angry at naga because of this, morae showing some serious emotion? ever consider how badly they could throw each other off??? how badly they can affect the other person by just purely existing???