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Binaural Meditation


Get beyond the conditioned, "thinking" mind into a deeper state of relaxation and awareness. Binaural Meditation blends Traditional Meditation with the art of Surround Sound. Together they produce a higher level of relaxation from this stress-filled society we live in today. Some of the tracks may be long and intense, but listen through, and see what the outcome is for you. To enjoy the greatest benefit, lay down and close your eyes. PLEASE WEAR HEADPHONES. Peace.

20 tracks
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This is my ultimate study mix - makes all the hours of studying easier and brighter! Increases my focus by a LOT.

As someone with severe anxiety, this is my favorite playlist! It helps me chill while my Xanax starts to work and it definitely keeps me asleep at night all night :)

@Astrophel I deeply feel your your emotions thus why I create play-mixes that are true to my heart, I share you my own severe anxiety, along with other many other emotional disorders. 8tracks is my only way to express the pain in my heart to help myself & others overcome these feelings that were never asked for but have been absorbed, You are not alone and any response I receive are equally helpful to my own healing. Thank you and allow the positive spirits of healing overcome the negative despair we both share.

This is the best playlist I've come across so far! Kudos to you! I'm surprised there are no comments yet! Is there any way to download this playlist? Thanks in advance! :)

@ricks_a I appreciate your praise, these Binaural cuts are scattered in various playlist within my personal itunes. The tunes come from various legit sources, so there is not a way I'm aware of to download as a single playlist. Your best bet is to search in Youtube, and other public domain music sources. Hope that helps.