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♨ Calming Ocean Surf


First of a Series of (6) Calming Meditative Play-Mixes that will relax you and hopefully help you sleep. I have published several previous nature-related Play-Mixes, but they are are all different but with only one similarity. To help you slow down and seek some calming of your soul. I won't disappoint, your best effect is to use headphones and relax. 11 hours of Tranquility await you. Peace On Planet Earth.

8 tracks
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Our struggles in life with all moving comments from those that are left for me are a major reason I continue to produce Playmixes for all people who embrace music and nature sounds into their souls. I produce all of the Playmixes to extend my soul to others and comments like yours motivate me to be creative. I have suffered from many physical ailments and have seen a great share of my own hospitalizations. So my motto is "I have the desire to inspire". Perhaps mind over matter is the greatest medicine of all. Thank you for your kind remarks.

Hello I would like to tell you that I have lung cancer and I have had one third of my bottom lung removed and listening to your calming forest and water in hospital and out has been a saving grace Thank You verify