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♨ FLUTE'S That Soothe' Soul's


The flute in particular has a number of advantages in its favor. It is one of the oldest woodwind instruments, and has existed for hundreds of years. its development therefore, has cultivated to its finest form and exists in alto and bass forms also, as well as being related closely to the piccolo. Firstly, it is popular and so long as the pupil can grasp the concept of its embouchure , a good sound is possible almost immediately. Brainwaves in the range 8 to 12 Hz — often called the Alpha band — are associated with a light meditative state, relaxation, and closing of the eyes. Alpha waves decrease with eye opening and mental exertion.

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@safiullah.y Thank you for your kind request, however, all of the songs in this mix were downloaded from Youtube. There are numerous YouTube download apps that will capture only the audio segment of the video. Depending on your Computer and Operating System, Windows or Mac, many sites on the web like "Majorgeeks" have this type of software. However, it's somewhat an advanced technical procedure depending on the software. Otherwise you would need to purchase from 8-tracks each track separately. I hope that helps .