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FUNNY Trumpisms (SNL)


EVERY PICTURE HAS A STORY, SO IN HONOR OF OUR GREAT 45th PRESIDENT that happens to be, a TOTAL MYSTERY, WITH A UNPREDICTABLE MENTAL STATE OF MIND. However, we must live our lives with this uncertain cloud above us. Trying to keep up with this total barrage of MEDIA, no wonder he's playing Golf and chowing on Big Mac's and Chocolate Milkshakes. This guy is so stressed out, the worry should be, is TRUMP healthy enough to survive his first term in office. This guy could have a massive heart attack, No humor can continue on without such a bizarre pressure cooker lifestyle every single day. But it's just (Funny SNL Clips) and every President has been mocked for the past forty years. So all you Pro-Thumpers, just Chill-Out and have a laugh.

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