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It's About DOGS & Couple Kitty Cats


I have had different breeds from small breeds up to a Alaskan Malamute that was 105 Lbs. and a whole lot of trouble. That dog was so hard to train because of it's very old Northern Breed Heritage. Working Dogs need more activity and my lack of that understanding affected her temperament slowly, changed from loving to dangerous, Now, I still walk a small little Terrier for my daughter. Most abused dogs end up in shelters because their owners never realized these precious Pets are not wind-up toys. Please do not adopt a dog without a trial period and without a commitment that you realize how much Time, Money, Training, Walking, and Love will be required of you. if you are not 100% COMMITTED TO THEM FOREVER walk away. Otherwise, they will always be committed to you. They are not xmas gifts.

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This is my third mix about Dogs, The first two older music mixes were never LIKED much, so I decided to do a comical mix with a few added reference material. I would appreciate any feedback as the two GEORGE CARLIN picks, could be a little insulting especially with Kitty Cats are involved. Most of these are strictly Standup bits but NO likes concern me. I would like to remove any tracks that animal /pets lovers feel offended by. I have had Dogs and cats all my life and they are precious to me, even to the point of having police remove dogs from cars on a hot day with no air. So please understand if a specific track is offense, tell me and I will remove it. Thx. GMARKER