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♨ Lift Youself Up From Dispair to Desire


We all have tough time in our lifes, I'm experiencing a most difficult crossroad in my life and after fighting many mental health issues, they still plague me with dealing with controlling an emotionally abusive people., I receive no little family-support, they instead expect unearned entitlements and through it all, Music has kept me from sinking into the depths, of Hell. People like my self and others that have a severe co-dependency you are feeding the beast who may l eventually attack you that if you google it may be shocked that it is exactly why we are stuck in dispair. I implore you seek help with co-dependency. Leave these abusive people because they will never change.

32 tracks
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Music lifts us all from the demons. Close your eyes, listen, breathe, and know that the curtain will open and light will flood back into your life again.