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★Midnight WALK★


I walk for exercise of my body and mind for an hour or so around 11:30 PM most decent nights until I return home. The path is a totally dark mountain road close to where I live. Rarely at that time do I see a car or headlights, just the way I want it. I walk about 2 miles roundtrip. I especially like dark cool nights with a full moon. This mix was hand-picked favorites for my nightly ritual. It was indeed a cool full-moon late night, as the photo I took for this mix. I can hear the echoes of the forest and running creek. It's as close to total tranquillity I have access to. I implore you to find your path of peace and hope wherever you live to escape your daily turmoil, to relax, and de-stress your soul from this chaotic world we all live in. PEACE & HOPE. ⁍⁍

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