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⍨ OCB Behavior & Pondering Obsessively


This most likely may be the strangest Play-Mix I have made public yet. The tracks I chose were not my true intention from the start. But after a long debate with myself, I took a different path as it was the only path left to chose or slam dunk the entire effort. So I chose to create a comedy mix as the research to find meaningful ways to help those like myself who have a Obsessive Compulsive Disorder and Obsessive Pondering I consider a sub-topic tactical behavior that most people with OCB may have. Sometimes when humor overwhelms our sense of concern, it's best to allow that to dominate. So I present you the most perplexing mix yet and while you laugh consider that most of us that suffer Mental Illness may not react in the same manner. Welcome to my house of illrational sanity.

20 tracks
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