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Strange 3D Effects Vol 1


This mix are sound effects only, some very odd, but the point is to enjoy 3D Binaural Surround Sound. Some tracks linger a bit, but you can't just get up and leave if your haircut is not done. I can't imagine clicking ahead if your getting a deep head massage.The point as I have stated, and is my motto, take time out to chill, relax from this hectic, stressful, and uncertain world we live in. Put on your headphones, tell everyone you're getting a hair massage, and go away.

23 tracks
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@vtp90 Interesting so they grouped this playmix into the meditative genre. I have numerous 3d sound effect mixes, but they could be anything but meditative. I'm sorry that happened. Especially as meditation is one of my most published catagories within the 315 playmixes. I would encourage you explore manually browse and their are some mixes. Much better suited. Scaring the bejesus out of a listener is not my profile if you rread my Bio.