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✘ THE "911" PARADOX for those who embrace DENIEL


This was a very different mix to create, however, I tend to go where others don't. There is no music, no entertainment, enjoyment, meditation, stress, relief, fun, grooves, Indie Rock or any Rock. There is only multi-segment youtube audio conversions, so type in the titles on Youtube, if you want more graphic detail. This is an event that changed the world, and will ever be in the back of our minds, even when you fly it can't be helped not to wonder. However, if we in live in fear they will win. The question you will need to conclude is who is "THEY". Listen to these various Voice and news broadcasts and opinions, during and after the attack that killed over 3000 innocent victims. Draw your own conclusion and move on to PEACE in Your LIve. But, NEVER, EVER, FORGET .

33 tracks
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