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☮ The ADHD Melting Pot


This is my second ADHD play-mix, designed to calm down and create centered thinking so you can focus on GTD. ADHD is real, but it must be diagnosed only by a psychiatrist who is qualified to make those decisions. I had no idea what ADHD was 10 years ago as a middle-aged adult. There is no cure for ADHD once your an adult it drops a letter to ADD. I hear people use this disorder as an excuse for being disorganized. These very the same people never diagnosed by a psychiatrist may hurt themselves, by creating doubt by those around you. Your "WOE Is ME" is unwanted from others. If you think you have ADD, see a psychiatrist now. Get help. Talk Therapists are not a psychiatrist. Only psychiatrists can initially write prescriptions. Lastly, just walk a couple miles a day.

8 tracks
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