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"Water" Relax To Nature


This mix is totally pure nature, no music, narration, no people. Just pure sounds of water from all forces of nature. There are also pure nature sounds from birds, crickets, etc. This is the all-natural Chill-Out Relaxation. Titles are played in A-Z order so expect some quiet rain, and then some pounding ocean waves and waterfalls. It's all about water, so keep that in mind. Headphones recommended, and keep annoying people away. WARNING: Nature sounds can be intense!

21 tracks
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@satrajit.d That's a good question, most of my nature mixes are extensively long (2-4 hours), so the best answer I can give you is "as long as you enjoy it" .

@satrajit.d All of my nature mixes average 2-4 Hours, Soundcloud doesn't always have enough data on these unusual roage recordings, so even I can't determine exactly the total length. Look at it this way the mix is as long as you're willing to listen to it.