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does that sparkle with you?


open letter to matt stone and trey parker:

more girl-centered episodes season 19. make wendy/bebe canon. canon confirm kenny and butters are bigender/genderfluid. kill randy. get these good girls out of this bad show.

art by ginsbot.tumblr.com

tracklist: http://proletergeist2.tumblr.com/post/111690988292/does-that-sparkle-with-you

EDIT (6/2/2018): damn, heidi turner, huh? lol

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Ooh yes! I want there to be more girl-centric episodes! I love the south park girls! And omg yes i love bendy. And yes!! I have that headcanon as well! I think of butters as bigender and kenny as genderfluid as well!! Also, I adore this mix! Great job!!

@swagalicious_strider !!! thank you so much!! i spent quite some time on it making sure it was as close to perfect as i could get it so that's great news. ♥ i love the girls i wish they'd just use them intelligently. butters and kenny are so non-binary it wounds me.