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never a blue day


sam wilson doesn't stay sad, he sings and reminds himself that it's okay to have a blue day, and that he's still the best guy around

(seriously picture sam singing and dancing to some of these in his underwear with a wooden spoon it'll make your day infinitely better)

8 tracks
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@Pinkicide Pie It's alright! Thank you so much for the reply! Do you think you could tell me what songs are on this mix so I can listen to them myself? It's alright if you can't! :3 Just thought I'd ask!

@Pinkicide Pie Oh, that's completely alright! :D This mix is PERFECTION, by the way!! I made a more emotional mix about Sam, and this shows his happy side beautifully. VERY well done!! Bless you for making it. ;3 And thank you so much for all of your help!!