Goatface Killah
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Wake up. Strike clock. Check clothes. Check teeth. Teeth rot; drink water. Read paper, fix tie, punch card prep. Shuffle in, shuffle out. Clark, Veblen, Kuznets, dead. All wrong anyhow. Smile smile; file, file. Drink coffee, eat lunch. Wonder where the time went. The time went where? Critical throughput failure, flaws in the output. Punch out punched-out, go home. Fold clothes, check news, but by all that is holy, whatever you do - don't sleep.

(It's actually a comedy mix.)
(I just have no sense of humour.)

Playlist + track titles: http://pastebin.com/uK7PK0w6

Puppets belong to Barron Scott Lefkov, but the stage belongs to Mr. Punch; he's quite a clever fellow.

18 tracks
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