Goatface Killah
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Traveling beyond time and season, was a hero...


There's never not a good time to go for an adventure, even if it's just in a dream!

We return to a previous, quest already in progress! Sometimes, it's best to save right before a favourite moment.
The seriousness of the beginning is only matched by the silliness of the villains; but that's part of the charm, isn't it?..
But maybe it's best not to grind /too/ much...

Tracks 7 and 18 are vocal; the rest are instrumental, unless you count mysterious murmurings in track 14.

Interested? Mind piqued? On the buzz of a song or two..?
Check out PersonWhoDrew - http://personwhodrew.deviantart.com/; they inspired me, and more besides. Their work is well worth your time..!

20 tracks
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