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Richard III & His Queen Anne Neville

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  • Awake and Alive skillet by Phil-14
  • Seven Devils by Florence + the Machine
    "They can keep me out 'til I tear the walls, 'Til I save your heart and to take your soul, For what has been done cannot be undone, In the evil's heart, In the evil's soul, Seven devils all around you, Seven devils in your house, See I was dead when I woke up this morning and i'll be dead before the day is done. Before the day is done."
  • She Wolf (Falling To Pieces) by She Wolf (Falling to Pieces)
    "You loved me and I froze in time. - I'm falling to pieces."
  • Narcissistic Cannibal (Korn Cover) by Earlyrise
    "Don't wanna be sly and defile you, desecrate my mind and rely on you. I just wanna break this crown, but it's hard when I'm so run down. And you're so cynical, narcissistic cannibal, Got to bring myself back from the dead.- Holding on I'm lost in a haze, fighting life to the end of my days."
  • Hearts Under Fire (HavocNDeed Remix) by Lea Luna, Skaught Perry, Theresa Joy
    Run for cover, we are hearts under fire and we're going under if we can't be at peace. Pull the trigger, we are hearts under fire and we hold our grudges if we can't just release.
  • So Cold The Good Wife trailer.mp3 by Ferhat Uzundag
    "It's so quiet here and I feel so cold, this house no longer feels like home."
  • O Death by Jen Titus
    "Oh Death, won't you spare me over til another year? But what is this that I cant see with ice cold hands taking hold of me... When God is gone and the Devil takes hold, who will have mercy on your soul? Oh, Death..."
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