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A Better Man Than I

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"You're a better man than I, Gunga Din."

this mix mostly inspired by a post by conquerorwurm on tumblr

  • Ghost in the Shell by Ghost In The Shell
    //will i cry when its all over? when i die will i see heaven?
  • Nature Boy by Nat King Cole
    //the greatest thing you'll ever learn is just to love and be loved in return
  • Feathery Wings by Voltaire
    //Oh, if only I could have been there I'd be a hand for the sinking If only I could have been there I'd be a prayer for the dying
  • God Bless The Child by Billie Holiday & Her Orchestra
    //Yes, the strong gets more While the weak ones fade
  • Bronte by Gotye
    //Since the day we found you You have been our friend And your voice still echoes in the hallways of this house But now It's the end
  • Where We Belong by Passion Pit
    //All the things you can't control Should never destroy your love or hopes I found a place
  • Meadowlarks by Fleet Foxes
    //Little children laughing at the boys and girls The meadowlark singing to you each and every day
  • AFI.01 by Somewhere Over The Rainbow
    //If happy little bluebirds fly Beyond the rainbow why, oh, why can't I?
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