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Flower Song


"As a flower breathing up to heaven the incense of her prayer like a natural altar" - Gerald Manly Hopkins
"The Fraxinella" in Pietas Metrica

Soft and light, may these chords entreat your daydreaming

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2 comments on Flower Song

I just finished listening to the whole playlist and now I can hardly wait to restart it! You've made something truly beautiful here!

@heart-ereki Ah how wonderful for you to find the beauty in this! I'm so grateful for such a kind comment and hope you return again and again to enjoy all these lovely pieces as much as I do ::>

I spent the last few days listening to this, it's wonderful. I like how all these different genres are placed right next to each other, but I never really noticed, because they share this overall lyricism. Anyways, thank you for putting it together!

@krisrs1128 Thank you so very much for such a thoughtful comment! I'm really grateful you noticed that element to this playlist. I was attempting to merge some of my favorite pieces together when I noticed that many were waltzes that also had somewhat of a neoclassical, café atmosphere to them. I'm so pleased you enjoy, come back and listen often~