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(plus the everlasting bonus, "you have to to start living up to your responsibilities! we shouldn't have to be reminding you of these things all the time! you need to just really put your mind to it and buckle down and try harder and just do it!")

So help me if one more person talks to me today about ADHD not being real or medication being bad I will punch through a wall with my bare fist I swear I will

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I made the mistake of listening to this in class and almost started crying when I reached "A Better Son/Daughter," I relate that song too hard

@cxlliecat I'm sorry everyone's flinging that at you. You're 18th birthday shouldn't feel like that, but it also doesn't have to turned into some kind of massive turning point either. Mine really didn't make a difference, and that's fine. You're doing just fine right now, okay? You're yourself and you're pretty darn rad and awesome without trying to force yourself to be what other people want you to conform to. Don't let them get you down!