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breathing space

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@golfdadcoups Lmao good luck with it! I'm like 1000% sure I'll be into it trust me. I just liked it a second ago! I'm gonna save it for tomorrow when I can just chill and then freak out again

Omg this playlist! I was putting off an essay and decided to listen to it while working and I just... I finished the essay. I just had to stop and freak out a bit when a tune I loved came on which was every single one!! I seriously lost it at Shinee tho

@mysteryme3 omfg thank you so much, i'm glad you like it!! good job finishing your essay haha i'm putting one off right now too ahaha. idk if you'll be into it but I did a part 2 to this playlist too haha. but thank you for the comment it really means a lot :-)