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Chillwaves: Volume II


More amazing chill, dream pop, synth pop, glo-fi, and electronic jams. Gets a little more upbeat and then really chills out to some dark and blissful songs. It's a long mix, but it's great to do work or study to, especially at night.

Features The Neighbourhood, Washed Out, and Purity Ring covering Soulja Boy. So good.

56 tracks
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I'm pretty far in and i'm loving it. You definitely threw some curveballs in on this one (Childish Gambino) lol Awesome that you threw Small Black in there, I discovered them in Philly last month when they opened for Starfucker. I've been in love since.

So glad you're loving it! Hahaha yeah, I concentrated more on the flow of the mix this time, so I put in some songs that made sense in the mix rather than ones that were more definable as "chillwave". I love that Chilidish Gambino song because he doesn't rap in it and the piano is pretty :) Plus sometimes I feel like other chill electronic mixes are too slow and all the songs sound a bit too similar. Also I've been listening to the Grand Theft Auto V soundtrack way too much.

Small Black is great! They're a newer discovery I heard on someone else's mix. I must have listened to "Proper Spirit" fifty times in the last few weeks. Starfucker is also excellent, I saw them in Vermont a few years ago and they put on one hell of a show.

I like the variation you added! Its a nice change up and I can say it pretty much lives up the greatness of the first mix if not surpasses it lol

Proper spirit is a great song but Free at Dawn is easily my favorite by them, I've listened to that one at least fifty times in the last few weeks too haha I'm surprised to see that other people know about them. Since they opened for Starfucker at a decently small venue in Philadelphia I had the idea in my head that they were kind of obscure. But speaking of that, Starfucker had a pretty crazy show that night when I saw them. They had a guy in an astronaut suit crowd surf in a blow up boat and had like 10 other people in random costumes dancing on the stage while they threw hundreds of balloons into the crowd. Hands down the wildest concert I've been to recently lol

Keep making the mixes though! You've exposed me to so much good music. I am forever in your debt lol

That's awesome, that was just what I was going for! The first song of this mix is what prompted me to make a second one in the first place, and then it kind of took off from there.

That sounds crazy, and just like an Of Montreal concert I went to when I still lived in New York. That must have been a blast! Wild costumes and antics definitely make for a memorable show! I love that I've come across a lot of the bands I like because they've opened for someone else I was going to see.

I really don't know anyone else that listens to this type of music, so getting to expose someone to the songs I quietly obsess over is the best. Lots more mixes are in the works, I always have music on while I work and while I go running and I listen to playlists almost exclusively so I have one for every type of mood I could be in, from instrumentals to handclaps to Swedish music. And you should make more too, I've had your mix on repeat. I definitely need to get into MNDR and the New Division. And it was the first time I've heard Grimes and liked it, so there's that :)

I actually just saw Of Montreal in Philly this past weekend! They blew Starfucker out of the water for the weirdest show I've ever been to lol it was almost too much. Leave it to a member of the Elephant 6 haha

I feel the same way though, I barely know anyone who knows the stuff I listen to, whenever I bring up band names I get blank stares like a good percentage of the time and I feel like a total hipster in the worst way possible lol

I'm glad you liked my mix though! I just got into 8tracks within the past month so my collection isn't quite as extensive as yours but I have a couple things in the works. Sadly my school work load is holding me back. Sometimes I wish this could be my job.

Btw, I love how we quickly and obnoxiously turned your comment section into our own private message board haha

What a coincidence! They played a really small college show when Hissing Fauna first came out and they had a bunch of midgets in costumes and a movie screen behind them playing weird old timey cartoons. It was so bizarre and fun. The only other Elephant 6 member I've seen is Elf Power, but it was at a festival so it was pretty tame. My high school self would love to go see Neutral Milk Hotel now that he's touring again.

Coming from a small, rural town I'm used to no one listening to the things I do. That's changed a bit since moving to Chicago, but I still don't know anyone who appreciates chillwave stuff. I get teased that "if it sounds like it came from the 80's, Sarah's going to love it". It doesn't stop me from trying to make everyone listen to it though!

Your mix is great for when I'm working. I didn't expect to get into 8tracks as much as I have, so my first couple mixes were more or less songs kind of thrown together. But I'm so obsessed with making playlists for myself, it's been fantastic to get to share. And to use my lame Instagram photos as covers hahaha. I'm half tempted to go back and put songs in order and change the covers to my own artwork. I know what you mean with school work load, I remember that really well. I freelance so sometimes I get a week or so where I have too much time on my hands. Just doing this would be a dream job. I always wanted to be the one who made soundtracks to movies or who'd DJ a sports stadium or something. That would be the best.

Hahaha my last.fm page is the same way. I get so enthused about talking about music (and sports and food and everything else) I could go on and on forever. I use Facebook every so often, you can message me there too if you like. (facebook.com/goneforthesummer)

Haha it sounds like your Of Montreal experience was even weirder than mine was. I'm actually really dissappointed that I won't be able to go see Neutral Milk Hotel though, the tickets went on sale and were sold out within a day. Now people are price gauging them like crazy >_<

I love listening to your mix while i'm studying as a nice background, it's just fast enough and ambient enough to provide a nice setting for grinding out my work. I love making a huge variety of playlists too lol I'm currently in the process of rebuilding my collection after my external hard drive crashed with all of my music on it, which was upsetting haha

Anyways, before we ramble more, I'll friend request you on Facebook and we can continue our discussions and maybe get a music exchange going on there!