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No Angel


I've been jamming all summer to these female vocalist interpretations of my favorite hip hop/r&b songs. I stayed away from acoustic covers though I saved a really good one for last.

Features Purity Ring, Mark Johns and Tinashe.

Photo by Anthony Samaniego

16 tracks
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This playlist is one of my absolute favourite! The female vocals brings something amazing to these classic rap/hip hop songs. The vib of the song completely changes and transports you elsewhere. I've played some of these on nights out and the feedback has only been positive. Thanks for sharing! Feel free to send more our way.

@Max1708 I'm so glad that's what you got out of it, I love how the vibe totally changes. It's been my go to playlist whenever I need a little empowerment. I'm also thrilled you've played some of the songs on nights out. There will definitely be more, this is only a tiny part of a huge playlist!

Or Nah - Tia Nomore & Kehlani Yep, thats the shit right there; got me on a whole different level. Who knew rap could be so chill. More pleasseeeee.....................

@Da Grzz Not gonna lie, I want to karaoke to that song so bad. It's easily my favorite. So glad you enjoyed it! This is just a small part of a huge playlist, there will definitely be a follow up!

yes and yes. and yes. haven't heard a Neon Hitch track in a min and it's that good. loving this. just what my ears needed this morning. thank you for being.

@noknow Thank you for listening! Neon Hitch was one of those lucky discoveries when I was hopping around YouTube one night and I've been obsessed ever since. So glad you enjoyed it!