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Weird Dark Things


Frigid melancholy grants us full possession of ourselves. We may hide from horror only in the heart of horror. - Thomas Ligotti

Dark electronic music that gradually gets darker and creepier, featuring Alice Glass, Chelsea Wolfe, CHVRN

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16 tracks
1 comment on Weird Dark Things

@dj_dim-mak I probably would have missed it if I didn't follow Channy's band Poliça. I was really stoked that it was the same Leftfield that I loved 20 years ago and I love the kind of dark energy her voice adds.

@dj_dim-mak Thank you so much! I lucked out, that HEALTH remix came out the day I was going to publish this. Really happy you enjoyed it, especially since I was worried it got too boring at the end.

@dj_dim-mak @goneforthesummer Love this Leftfield track. When it first played I thought it was Elly Jackson from La Roux, but was thrilled to find it was Channy Leaneagh when I checked the track listing! What a great mix - Can't wait to go through your lists for more! ^_^

@starshinesMonet Just listened to it again and I can totally see why you'd think that was Elly Jackson! Channy is my favorite female vocalist, everything she sings on is just so good. So glad you enjoyed the mix!