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♋ 06/21-07/22 ♋
Nurturing, moody, loving, compassionate, introvert, protective, calm, imaginative, psychic, intuitive.

Cosmic particles of moondust line the veins of Cancers. The emotional tides of this water sign cycle with the waxing & waning of the moon in an eternal lunar dance. Like a crab, they have a hard shell protecting a gentle soul. Cancer is the universal nurturer, the dreamboat, the spiritual nourishment, the feeling of a heart thumping as you lay safely against their chest.

45 tracks
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I am a cancer and I LOVE every song on this playlist! Well done! Dates listed are for Gemini, Cancer is June 22 - July 21.

Could you please make a playlist for every star sign by any chance? :) Would be really cool and interesting to listen to each star sign's tunes!