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. • ° ☾°☆•ᔕᗩGITTᗩᖇIᑌᔕ•☆°☾ ° • .


♐ 11/22-12/21♐
Independent, free-spirited, clever, honest, adventurous, fun-loving, flirtatious, rebellious, spontaneous.
This fire-sign embodies the spirit of the philosopher & explorer: they venture down every thought & road in their eternal search for wisdom. Symbolized by the archer, upward-aiming arrows represent the pursuit of higher truths hidden in the realm of reality. With curiosity as their compass & fate on their side, they explore the world forever in awe of the magic of the present moment. Sagittarians are nomads of the zodiac; the friendly stranger in a large crowd whose contagious laugh illuminates the universe. They shine the flame of their light on all who cross the path of their journey, ultimately guiding humanity towards a shift to higher consciousness.

60 tracks
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