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♓ 02/19-03/20 ♓
Imaginative, loving, intuitive, selfless, idealistic, escapist, gullible, melancholy, spiritual, dreamy, psychic.
The two fish symbolizing this dualistic water sign dwell deep in the dreamlike waters of their cosmic subconscious. The submergence in fantasy oftentimes results in escapist tendencies & disconnect from reality. Like a fish, Pisces cautiously swims to the shallows of their mind but darts back to the safe depths of the imagination if approached too close. As the cumulating sign of the zodiac, Piscean nature is a mosaic of all of the signs in one. Therefore, Piscean perception is psychically attuned to the internal states of others. Pisces is the gift that humanity needs- the stranger with a familiar smile offering you shelter under their umbrella on a rainy day.

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