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YEWTY - 001


Perfect for starting your day, a late night, studying, or anything else that wasn't already mentioned. Recommend using your headphones on this musical journey, Your Ears Will Thank You. Get ready for stunning vocals and mesmerizing melodies.

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3 comments on YEWTY - 001

this is a v amazing mix thank u thank u so much for this, it is literally perf for chilling and/or studying ahhhh yass

Ohhhh yeah! Thanks for bringing back the series, loved the Broken back and Lea Santee songs, this is my first time hearing them. Glass Animals always delivers. Used this to read GOT.

@VeNoMmx Yeah it's been a crazy past couple of months but getting back in the swing of things. That Broken back song is one of my favs! Also, I haven't read much of GOT but watch the show - omg can't wait for the new season.

@Good Music Inc. GOT show's a great adaptation, the reading is just to have all the juice in the story but the show rocks. And thank you for your constant uploads, I'll be here for quite some time, it's where "Good Music" lives.