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behold, i'm sorry everybody, i have sinned. this is my inevitable and towering billdip manifesto

the songs follow a narrative a little bit, most noticeably getting more insane?? i also wouldn't describe any of these as fluffy, so heads up there : ^)

the cover art is by my generous and heroic friend wren,, who is moonhero on tumblr!

50 tracks
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I love this a lot. It gave me plent of Dipper, Bill and Billdip feelings. I've also never skipped so few songs in a playlist before?? It's so good, seamless.

This is the best Gravity Falls mix I've heard so far. Great work on the song choices! I was impressed that all of them were so good when there were so many of them.

@karkatthecrab AH my gosh you are so sweet! thank you so much, your words keep me going!! i am so so glad to hear that people enjoy this

Hey, I honestly cannot BELIEVE there are no comments on this playlist because holy crap I love it. The progression and song choice is AMAZING for the creepy sort of BillDip relationship. Augh, I think I'm obsessed with this mix, great job!

@LyokoDoReMi this means SO MUCH to me,, like So Much you have no idea. i was doubtful and unsure about this mix and didn't think that it really stood out from any ol' billdip playlist. so really, this is very uplifting, thank you from the bottom of my heart!!