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Sinnoh, pt. 1


A collection of soundtracks from Pokémon Diamond/Pearl/Platinum! Dedicated to Lexie who is as much of a Sinnoh nostalgic as i am ❤️
part 2, from Spear Pillar on is soon to come!
official art from: - all tracks by Hitomi Sato, Junichi Masuda

16 tracks
4 comments on Sinnoh, pt. 1

I'm so glad to see Sinnoh-lovers! There are many Pokemon fans that dont like Sinnoh, but Diamond is personally my favorite game! Love this mix!

AWESOME playlist!! I really enjoyed it, and i really enjoyed Sinnoh when i was playing through it!! Thanks for a AWESOME playlist! And can you please make more Pokemon playlists please?? D

@AlexHowe THANKS!! im really glad you enjoyed it! if you want more watch out the sinnoh tag because as soon as i have the time, i'm putting together the second part of this mix! thank you for listening :D