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avada kedavra, my love soundtrack


Mary Lou Barebone, a No-Maj and head of the Second Salem church, is murdered by magic late one night. Hours later, a wizard turns himself into MACUSA and the case is closed. But Auror Tina Goldstein isn't convinced he did it, so she asks Percival Graves, friend and private auror, to investigate. Graves is reluctant to take the case but he soon gets the feeling something isn't right and he can't let it go. When he meets Credence – a young man as enigmatic as he is beautiful – Graves starts to fall for him. But as he unravels the mystery, he finds Credence is tangled up in the web of murder and deceit.

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19 tracks
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I haven't been reading a lot lately and so I still have to get up to date with Avada Kedavra, My Love (I HAVE TO, THOUGH, it's so good sdlkg!) but oh man. I gotta say, your music tastes are impeccable <3 I'm in love with this mix!

@wanderinglynx oh, that's OK! i've not been reading much myself lately so I definitely understand (but, still, THANK YOU!!! I'm glad you've enjoyed it and want to catch up). And thank-you again!! :D That is a wonderful compliment <3 and I'm glad you like this mix :)