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@roseswithsteelthornes thank you! and while i've well and truly lost the source, even after some searching, i did save the picture itself. let me know if this link doesnt work~

i'm interested in story that's behind all of this (why woohyun?? intriguing!). great playlist tho! special thanks for up & down and unbreakable, also the first song is so cool!

@shhhhgobacktosleep let me see here... i don't really know why, but i've always had a feeling that woohyun gets sad a lot and fakes at least some of his confidence. as though he only pretends everything is fine, if that makes sense? and that's basically what this mix is about (i made it impulsively so i'm not sure how else to explain it.) anyway, thank you so much; i'm happy you liked this!!