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Others vintage & sunshine stuffs


An other shot of deep soul, raw funk, caribbean, latin, african, brazilian and buggalou from all around the world. A soulful playlist. If you don't smile and begin to dance listening at it, let me know, I swear I'll eat my hat.

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1 -Las Maravillas Del Mali - Rendez-vous chez Fatimata
I found this tune in the sweet compilation "l'Afrique enchanté - tiquet d'entrée". I don't really know the release date, but it's a perfect example of the latin music that crossed the atlantic ocean to mix up with west africa music in the 50's and 60's.

2 - The Mighty Terror & His Calypsians - brownskin girl
I like the way this early calypso tune is played with a jazz swing feeling. The rhythm guitar sounds really well, to bad the musician doesn't play a solo part.

3 - Sampson the Lark - Undemocratic Rhdesia
An other Calypso tune, that perfectly follow the previous track.

4 - Caetano Veloso - Lost in Paradise
A classic brazilian tropicalia song. A perfect pop song with 60's chord arrangements that perfectly respond to brazilian rhythm.

5 - Irene Reid - I Must Be Doing Something Right
OMG. I can't believe I've just discovered this perfect soul track.

6 - Sharon Cash - Fever
A stunning cover of the classic song "fever" that begins deep soul and ends up latin style.

7 - Swingin' medallions - double shot (of my baby's love)
What happens when a 60's garage rock tries to play a bugalloo song? Try to guess.

8 - Rosalyn Sweet & The Paragons - Blackbird
I found this track in the trojan's beatle tribute box set, full of funny beatles' reggae covers. Sometimes, a brut diamond falls off theses records. This song is one of them. Perfect for a sunny lazy afternoon.