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ROCK THE HOUSE - House, disco and post punk border

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Their is a strange border in house music. I don't know if it's house or disco. Or even post-punk. It's confusing! I even don't know if this style got a name. I only know it was cleared out by labels like DFA or DC Recording, DJs such Ivan Smagghe, Tedd Torje, The emperor machine.
This sound is fill up of disco rythms and synths, not that funky clavinets, guitars and an energy close from punk rock. For DJ's, this sounds are the best transitions between, house disco to post punk.

  • Radio Anatomy (Emperor Machine Stretched version) by Brioski
  • Do the Washing Machine (Moullinex remix) by Golden Bug & Rodion
  • Children / Darkstarr Diskotek Remix {EDIT} FREE MP3 by The Rapture
  • Que Veux-Tu (Logo remix) by YELLE
  • KNIGHTLIFE by Knightlife
  • tv night (electrodub version) by raymond barry
  • Orion 6020 (mikeBurns Rmx) by Pyjamas
  • Business Acumen (Holy Ghost! Cover Version) by In Flagranti
8 tracks
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Pas tant que ça, j'ai pas fait une playlist si pointue que ça. On trouve même 2 fois deux titres des deux mêmes producteurs! (oui c'est la honte mais ça me semblait justifié) J'essaie juste de me mettre à la place de James Murphy en me demandant ce qu'il passerait comme morceaux récents dans un DJ set.

Brioski - Radio Anatomy (emperor machine stretched version)
Logo - Junocide
Pyjamas - orion 6020 (mike burns remix)
The Rapture - Children (Darkstarr Remix Radio Edit)
Raymond barry - tv night (electrodub version)
Knightlife - Serves You Right (The Emperor Machine remix)
Kindness - Doigsong
In Flagranti - Business Acumen (Holy Ghost! Cover Version)
Rodion & Golden Bug - Do The Washing Machine feat. Lavinia Claws (Moullinex Remix)
Yelle - Que Veux-Tu (Logo Remix)