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I Don't Ever Have To Sleep Again


Life is but a bitch, and then you die.

Sometimes, when you run out of fucks to give time is the only thing you have to waste. This is for the idealists that spend their nights awake waiting for something better.

And I promise it's not the same as every other mix with the same stupid overplayed songs you hate.

24 tracks
1 comment on I Don't Ever Have To Sleep Again

Your playlist got lined up after one I was listening to, and I've been very entertained. My roommate is sleeping while I stay up to study (basically, "waiting for something better"), so I really appreciate the energy. (btw: Sight of Sun is on there twice, not that I'm complaining)

haha thank you very much. Yeah every time I listened I kept forgetting to delete it so now I hate that song. I finally deleted it though so its all good :) thanks for listening!