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Ambient Chill - Dance with the Void


As with the previous 3 Ambient Chills, this mix lasting about 4 hours with 42 tracks, could have been titled ambichilldubtronicelectrosynthpop, since it spans elements of ambient, chill, tecnho, electronic, down-tempo, indie-tronica, IDM, alternative trip, synth-pop, dub-step, minimal, fusion, and global trance. It's a bit more bassy, funky, spacey than the other 3, and maybe you might find it dance-worthy in an ambichilldubtronicelectrosynthpop sort of way. Please enjoy.

42 tracks
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Finding Propaganda in this mix was a big surprise. However (except some sounds for the drums and skinflutes) it still seems to be so actual

Yes, I know what you mean about sounding current. I was reminded of this track when I put another track from Claudia Brücken in the previous mix. Another that is even older that would maybe work is Cerrone - Supernature and that is from 1977.


there is in the "submix" "The beginning of the end of the Storm" a remix of the Doors "Riders on the Storm" : can you provide me the reference of this remix ?
thank you

AirGis, I made the mix. It is a 15 min mix that starts with Lower Dens: In The End Is The Beginning that goes into Dave the Drummer: The End and finishes with the Chemical Brothers Chill Out Remix: Riders on the Storm. Did you like it?

Riders On The Storm (The Chemical Brothers Chill Out Remix) is from a place I cannot find at the moment - it was done in 2009. I will search a link for it later.

So when do you publish another mix likes those ones (Ambient Chill first, 2nd..) ?
I'm busy with collecting all tracks I like for my own mix, but I think you will certainly know a lot about them