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Ambient Chill - Three, Take a Journey


This picks up where Part-2 ended which is a mix that could be titled "ambichilldubtronicelectrosynthpop" (say that one 3 times fast). The 42 tracks (just under 4 hours) in this part-3 mix have elements of ambient, chill, tecnho, electronic, down-tempo, indie-tronica, IDM, alternative trip, synth-pop, trance-like, dub-step, minimal, fusion, and global chants. Please enjoy.

42 tracks
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I got notification from 8tracks they lost a bunch of uploads due to a server crash. These tracks were closer to the end, so perhaps you had not gotten there yet.

Your first track on this mix is Walking Through Babylon by Thievery Corporation from their debut album in 1997 ... the other tracks took me to other good places/times.
Thank you sweetie - missing you more than you know - but I have your music as consolation :)

I understand now TresUrsa. I had to redo the mix because 8-Tracks reported problems with their database. I think it is better.