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Summer Dreaming


This playlist has a mix of upbeat songs, surf songs, happy, and indie songs for you to help you get in that summer mood. All of these songs remind me of summer memories and the beach so enjoy:)

(Photo by my favorite photographer Jesse Schlauch)

21 tracks
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@672625858 i found my playlist! it moved into my unpublished section but im not sure which song you mean..i let you know when i think of it. And im glad its one of your favorites haaha☺️ ill put it back up on my computer when i get home

@672625858 yeah:( it got deleted somehow. that happened to a couple of my other friends playlists because soundcloud took some songs down. Im going to remake it soon, it might not be exactly the same but ill try my best! sorry!:(

@graceeann__ oh not that stinks i'm sorry! that was one of my favorite playlists!! there was a song with a milli in it, do you recall the name of it? its been stuck in my head forever hahaha. But good luck with remaking it! cant wait to listen to it when its back!

Hi! did you used to have a playlist with the name midnight city? there was a song on there that I cant find anywhere!!